Poem 3.17.20: A poem about the dark

What is it about the dark Berryville so much for who we are? The unmasking that is inevitable once veiled in darkness is uncanny. 
In all darkness we find so many truths we run from nipping at the back of her neck‘s; all our monsters lie out there in the darkness stalking us, subtly sharing breath with us. 
Again what about the dark that unravels us so? Who taught you about shadows and darkness? Were you introduced when the night came was it that obvious did you first taste day before being consumed by night? 
Please, open your mouth look deep, see the darkness in yourself. Is this the first time you’ve seen your own shadow from the inside, what did you believe happened to the dark when you rose during the day? Don’t you understand the dark, yes the dark has nested in you. 
Night will always be with you. For how can we tell the story of us, how do I tell the story of me without the dark?

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