Poem 12.25.21: …I’ll always remember,

…I’ll always remember, the day you said you hated me…

I felt so cold and scared, I felt all of me, the parts I built for you corrode and dust the rest of me.

I’ll remember, my heart choking.
I’ll remember, all the time you never grieved.
I’ll remember all the way you hated me.
the ways you hated my body. 
the ways you hated my dreams.
the ways you hated my love.
I’ll remember all the sins. 
all the ways 
all the ways I lost you
all the ways I lied
the ways I died
…the ways I cried, you never…
you never cared. 
you never feared.
you always disappeared.
… should have said you wanted kids, I’ll always remember…

Ok this might be my favorite poem of the year! Y’all tell me, which one of my poems is your favorite?

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