Revisiting the Gates: “closest goal at hand,”

Background: In the fall of 2009 I finalized my Gates Millennium application, after years of preparation, writing and enlisting support for the task at hand I submitted 8 essays. These eight papers, were responses to prompts I no longer remember. Still after nearly 15 years, I’ve found myself turning back to the Gates, my essays, the people who loved me then; I’ve found myself relearning who I want(ed) to be.

Spoiler alert: I graduated.

This last paper reminded me of my righteousness. It reminded me of my values and tuned my self-awareness.

So now, a new journey has unfolded. Same man as 10 years ago, same mission. Prior to revisiting these pieces I’ve been intermittently swarmed by thoughts, things that don’t let me be happy, or brace, or act with valor. It’s in my reflections I’ve learned or relearned who I aspire to be and what my ultimate goals are in this life. Most critically, after injury, therapy, and healing I’ve revitalized the connections between my passions and the value based logistics that mold universes. The tenets of my spirit have always known their home in service. It’s feels enlightening to have my body, spirit and mind; breath, body, and movement acting on the closest goals at hand.

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