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My Intro to Data Management: Data Management Systems and You

How private organizations make sense of data management and storage over time.

The idea that “technology will save us all” is overtly idealistic and yet the market continues to bet on tech. Among the noise created by tech’s super evangelists, with their asymmetrical positive sentiments and the tacit speculation of late adopters, is a truth often ignored. All these tech unicorns and corn-balls are generating data; data that offer the potential to clarify goals, inform organizational autopsies, and revitalize viable past ideas.

Dedicating energy towards identifying efficient data storage and management practices without a clear short-term ROI can be a critical step in creating analytical flexibility within your organization. Deploying at data lake framework can offer analytical flexibility in the long run.

Analytical flexibility is the difference between seeing data as a another regulatory burden, and having the organizational awareness to trust your struggles may hold answers.

Do you need a data manager? Are you the defacto data manager?

A run down of the keys for why data management matters:

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