What does algorithmic justice mean to you?

A brief Timeline of Computational, technological and algorithmic bias.⬆️

I’m a black man who was born a black boy who was born to a family from Virginia and I know the impact of systems on excellence. It’s only recently that I learned the power of data erasure in my personal life let alone the power of bias and algorithms/systems in my development.

I’m a person who has build my life around learning and community service and in that pursuit I’ve discovered that justice is often about preserving cultures identities and norms end of the future is built off how are use technology to create opportunities for those norms and cultures to exist I am an hour.

Algorithmic justice means aligning the efforts of those who love black people, and love people with the technology currently shaping the existence of all people. algoritymic justice means school exams and assessments that don’t predict whether black children go to jail, algorithmic justice means that police data doesn’t become above reproach in quality analysis, algorithmic justice means machine learning an AI designed for the cultivation of spaces that support black youth in all black people in revitalizing a rich culture, devout of threat from physical and digital erasure.

For me, data bass technology and black futures only prosper if those most marginalized are empowered to build the AI that share their priors, prayers, and their vision.

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