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Hello, below is an overview of my interested. As well as some info on how I live my work, and a few of my offering, cheers!

At the foundation of my work is an educators spirit

Rob Jackson III

Have I told you about my company?

Coming Series on Culturally Responsive Education Data Management

If you founded the Intro to data management series useful not edifying, good news! If you haven’t, README: Intro to Data Managment I’ll be writing more, specific to education data and how to serve a learning community with what you have through a data-informed action plan. I hope that data enthusiasts, education data stewards, and […]

Founder | Educator | Mentor

Lecture @ MIT Media Lab:

A few hours before the Data for Black Lives Conference official began 50 plus education activists from around the country and across generations discussed the ways big data has impacted public education in the black communities. in-blog search: The 2nd Annual Data For Black Lives Conference: Education Justice Pre-session 2019

See case study ↗The 2nd Annual Data For Black Lives Conference: Education Justice Pre-session 2019

During what I believed to be the darkest moment of my life, on the crest of another abyss I found transcendence in serving my alma mater, serving a community of 1st generation college students who were being asked to stand tall in the face of a world meant for others. I simply brought myself. That was enough.

Highlighted: Closing Remarking given to a talented group of 1st Generation BiPOC College students embarking on their first year at Georgetown during the Pandemic. My thoughts the Radical Imagination and propelling yourself towards what lies right in front of you.

Highlighted: The Missing Year Project discusses a missed year of dreams with Rob Jackson (he/him), a data scientist looking to life on the land for guidance. Rob speaks with us about family dynamics, Georgetown University, and sowing seeds for dreams. Thank you Sarah + @themissingyearproject

Movement Scientist | Analyst | Activist

My education in statistics and analysis was brought to life when I found that I myself, as well as the students I served, were all living the lives described in my research; incomplete research telling incomplete stories about me and my community.

I’m a story-teller, data scientist whose foundations as an educator and organizer color every aspect of my practice and teaching.

Building the Learning Analytics Curriculum for 2020 and Beyond

Lecture includes best practices that relate to using learning analytics to promote inclusion and success. See

Who: I am an educator obsessed with storytelling, community building, and practical innovation. I’m a culture builder, my work is successful when people believe in their theory of impacts drives business success and data is key to measuring value and provide generative data-informed dissent.

What: I have led discussion on Race + Common Good and diversity in education data science (LAK ’19).  At the Data For Black Lives Conference I facilitated discussions with educators on spoke on the issue of implicit bias/ algorithmic racial bias in education data analysis. I have extensive training and experience in data management, visualization, and adult facilitation; specifically as it relates to education data management, and non-profit data-driven culture development. As an educator and mentor I take pride in introducing folks to Data & Analytics.

How: I work to improve organization systems using my background in measurement, instructional design, promotional strategies, & change management. I believe data management plans and metrics should support 360 degree organizational growth.

Briefs | Primers | Lectures

Building an Equitable Community in Learning Analytics:

Lecture Series: Career in Data & Analytics How to start a career in Data Science, Business Analysis, and Information System Management

Brief: Policy Brief Big Data in Education – 2019

Brief: The challenge of cultural sensitivity in SEL

How do the values of Social Emotional Learning and Culturally
Responsive Leadership Align?

Wisdom is also called insight, which means “seeing into” the nature of life. 

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