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Data Analytics as a Service | “Insight By Us, For Us”

We help businesses increase their revenue through data activation and data literacy programing. We provide businesses and individuals with data literacy programing and coaching so they can monetize and build data-informed strategies from status quo.

Unearth the Data Pro in You

Do you Speak Data?

Master the ability to craft data-driven persuasive narratives, tailored to your audience. Learn the No Code Skills that translate data into effective strategy.


Partnership Benefits

Cultivate team collaboration and map out your data success plan and how everyone executes.

Master the ability to craft data-driven presentations that are logically sound, persuasive, and tailored to your audience.

Discover how to organize ideas to communicate them effectively with intuitive tools which make data accessible and informative to a diverse viewer audience.

Join our Equity Labs & become a No-Code data communicator, steward, and storyteller.

Cohort-based learning events that amplify the voices of the often discredited or disengaged staff.

Quickly identify and explain your product’s DNA and life cycle through performance data.

Come Join the Cypher |
We have a very specific point of view about data, and its role in business.

We focus on the 5 essentials of data success, allowing for maximum data monetization. Our Equity Labs help teams foster data literacy and talent density where data skills are needed most in the business.

Data Aligned & Equity By Design means building trust in data, activating latent data literacy, & identifying high impact problems where data plays a major as a business asset.

Mitigating staff withdrew, limiting engagement, poor data quality, and high opportunity cost.

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