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The Digital Divide has been enlarged by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Black-owned businesses and Black workers have been disproportionately impacted, their is no ecosystem dedicated to building Black Futures through Digital Transformation See Deck for more info.

SMBs can’t grow, due to a lack of compelling data storytelling, often needed for grants and digital dollars

Data rich organizations don’t trust their talent to access data for decision-making and monetization

Those new to using data for business strategy struggle to communicate effectively, and lack a process driven

We makes data accessible, and make sense for all stakeholders. Here’s how:

Data Analytics as a Service

Cohort-based Learning to Foster Talent Density

Coaching + Self-Service Tools

Do You Know the Five Essential Elements of Succeeding with Data?

Data Quality & Access

Metrics that Monetize

Capacity & Talent

Data Tools

Data Privacy & Defense

Join our Equity Labs & become a No-Code data communicator, steward, and storyteller.

Unearth the Data Pro in You

Master the ability to craft data-driven presentations that are logically sound, persuasive, and tailored to your audience.

Discover how to organize ideas to communicate them effectively.

You Gain:

Deploy a Step-by-Step Action Plan: design and integration of data governance best practices and ensures executive buy-in to turn that vision into reality.

Support Analysts & Managers in building functional data literacy through workshops, case-studies: explore the 5 fundamentals of data success & ethical data management.

Leveraging analytics to accelerate growth:Learn the language and intuition to work effectively with data scientists.

Let’s connect.

Master the Art of Data Storytelling

Cypher provides full service data visualization and analytics that create evidence based solutions. Intuitive models and cost effective narrative testing.

In-house tool design is optional, allowing privacy by design and full data lifecycle control, product lifecycle tracking, modular app designs allow for plug and play control.

Full Service Analytics

 Data Visualization: Turning Data Into Insights Through Visual Storytelling

Automated Reporting: Increasing operational efficiency and the accessibility of institutional data

360 Data Management planning: creating standards and practices for the responsible and efficient use of data within an organization.

Data- Production Roadmap

  • Data-informed Culture Diagnostic
  • Privacy and Regulation Audit
  • Data Stewardship and Norms Management
  • Data Library & Vendor Guide
  • Data Interoperability Mapping

Find a collection of articles, templates, and videos that may support you or your organization’s identifying ways

Cultivating Data Literacy through Coaching

Data-informed Strategy: designs and integration of data governance best practices and ensures executive buy-in to turn that vision into reality.

Data Literacy Coaching: Executive Coaching in Data informed decision support & training staffers to get the most out of their tech stack through best-in-class training and enablement services Analytics.

Analyst & Manager Training: Up-tool your existing staff with cohort & modular trainings on the fundamentals of conscious analysis & ethical data management.

FoundU: A digital mentorship and self-concept development platform, a tool for ethically responsive recruiting, on-boarding and promotion.

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The best part of Cypher is our intersectional service model which ties our mission of building culturally sustaining futures in the work place and building tools and tech that serve.

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Curious about our Equity Labs?

“Cultures, whether silenced or monologistic, whether repressed or repressing, seek meaning in the language and images available to them.”

Toni Morrison – BLACK MATTER(S) Essay, The Source of Self-Regard

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