Poem 3.15.22 – The Business Practices of an Entrepreneur after Experiencing Police Violence & generational Terror

A long time ago I was made to hate myself. Before then I was unmade, in a matter of words/hours/actions.

Prior to then, I was criminally incomplete, but I was unbroken. 

Not all at once, but later
eventually,once I hated myself—
hated my voice, my teeth, my face, and tears

— those I despised.
hated my body, I blamed my skin.

I blamed my sins
I blamed me again.

hate broke me, I broke me again, and again.

A long time ago I was made to hate myself. After then I was making due, finding me again, in a moment/ a day/ a choice

Moving forward I am all me, but not all smooth. I keep loving myself.

Having my beaut, tasting my joy, feeling the tears —those I deserve. 

Loved body, I lotion my skin.
, I accept my sin.
, I love me, again.

Love wrote me, gave me purpose again, and again.

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