Poem 5.18.22

Korean artist Do Ho Suh’s Karmaascends to 23 feet, curving upwards like a spine in which each person acts as a vertebrae.
Sidney and Walda Besthoff Scupture Garden, New Orleans
I’m transforming again- 
this time I’m breathing through it.
Breathing in.
Breathing out.
Praying out.
Going in.

I prayed to be
broken, to keep
my heart open.

We’ll rub the scars with lotion;
keep the soul, anchored mind,
leave body go.

Got lost in;
Found my breath
in us-ratea (اسرتي),
Papa& um-me (امي).

From kennels if remorse,
water, son of divorce
grew bold,
bore the load.

Sowing roots in the sun.
Imagining branches in hand,
Fighting for a pulse; the son
Pausing to get into the land.

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