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About Rob

Azeem, my middle name, means “Great” in Arabic and I am my name!

Call me Rob – Underneath it all I’m educator obsessed with storytelling, community building, and practical innovation. Education and mentorship have been a passion of mine dating back to 2010 when I founded my first non-profit with some friends.

Since then I’ve spent 10 years navigating the public and private sector for opportunities to grow my skills as an analytical business strategist specializing in non-profit capacity building.

I work to improve schools and schools systems using my background in learning analytics to cultivate data literacy in schools, build student centered data management plans and build metrics that support holistic student development. I primarily explore the impact of big data in education on education equity.

I’m a Blerd (Black + Nerd). I’m most at home in the kitchen, feeding friends and dancing. Outside of that I work in the fields of racial equity, education, and data science. And I like to talk about it.

I have led discussion on Race + Common Good and diversity in education data science (LAK ’19).  At the Data For Black Lives Conference I facilitated discussions with educators on spoke on the issue of implicit bias/ algorithmic racial bias in education data analysis. I as an educator and I take pride in introducing folks to Data & Analytics, leading lecture series and providing personal coaching on data analysis, business insights, and project scoping + management. 

Outside of the nonprofit world I fell in love with tech. I owe much of my business acumen to my time at Event Farm, a startup made up of a dozen of the most versatile and visionary humans I’ve ever met.

My father, the entrepreneur, cursed me with a bit of a disposition, I’m a pioneer too and I see so much opportunity for good (work) in the non-profit transformation. I was part of the ACLU’s recent digital transformation.

I have extensive training and experience in data management, visualization, and adult facilitation; specifically as it relates to education data management, and non-profit data-driven culture development.

Reference Quotes

Dr. Kirkland | Dean NYU / ED of Metro Center

“Rob is going to get this project done, period.”

Stephen Schoepfer | NYC DOE Data Manager :

“this dude knows his sh@t, he’s passionate about the content, knowledgeable and advanced with the technical aspects, ability to present and define high quality metrics, reporting is made clear and understandable for varied audiences…

working with [him] was a learning experience for me as well cause [he’s] on-point with data and content. Got stuff done in timely fashion, worked with people on whatever was needed, and was able to present good quality reports..

In 2017 I joined the ranks of those who saw that public school education as their canvas and became an Education Pioneer. During this time I served a community of over 1 million students and 20+ thousand educators.

Liz Fitzgerald | ACLU Director of Development
“Your work is a game changer”

The Powers | Affirming Experiences that define me(s).

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About Rue

Event Producer | Artist | EmCee

Then | Event Farm

I’ve always been a performer, whether on the stage and on the field. After college I found a niche in EventTech at EventFarm, where I did my first internship in college.

We were a crew of event producers, who built a toolset of event engagement applications designed to promote brands and engage targeted audiences at in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

In 2014 I came on as their experiential tech product manager, managing a portfolio of corporate private events aimed at creating immersive digital experience at live events. I carry that showman’s attitude in all that I do. I love to create, and I see events as the ultimate test of forethought, flexibility, and authenticity.

see highlights: TechCrunch and more

Now | SecretFormula

Since 2018 I’ve been producing events and parties all over the place (but mainly in Brooklyn) that connect you with other lovers, and nerds, of pop culture from today and yesterday. Always fun. Funny when possible.

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