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A summary of my experience as it relates to research, publications, and roses.


M.S. Columbia University Teachers College Learning Analytics, May 2018

B.S. Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service Class, May 2014

Research Interest

I primarily explore the impact of big data in education on education equity.  I research topics like:

Guest Lecturer

2020. Jackson, Robert. Georgetown University CSP 2020: Radical Imagination Washington, DC

2020. Jackson, Robert. Legacy International – Forum in Race + Common Good

2019. Jackson, Robert. “Building the Learning Analytics Curriculum for 2020 and Beyond” LAK ’19 , Tempe, AZ

2019. Jackson, Robert. “Big Data Race And Education” Data for Black Lives Conference MIT Media Lab, Boston, MA


Lecture Series “How to start a career in Data Science, Business Analysis, and Information System Management” Career in Data & Analytics ChampAmerica, Udemy 2020


English (native)

Arabic (proficient)

Honors/ Awards

Gates Millennium Scholar

Columbia University Beyond the Bars Fellow

Education Pioneer Fellow

White House Mentoring and Leadership Initiative

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholar

Future Leaders of Loudoun Scholarship

Town of Purcellville Citizenship Award

I am here because of the love of my family and the opportunities that I had access to due to great public schools.

I intend to pay forward the blessing I received and pour myself into the work of building a more equitable education system. At any given time I will describe myself as a project manager, a data scientist, or a movement scientist. The these titles are just shorthands that fit on name tags.

I work to improve schools and schools systems using my background in learning analytics to cultivate data literacy in schools, build student centered data management plans and build metrics that support holistic student development.

Through personal experience and a calling to support vulnerable communities I have committed myself to working to ending mass incarceration via direct advocacy.  While I am not the community organizer that I aspire to become I am growing, and using my analytical thinking to explore the impact of mass incarceration at the local level.  I advocate for incarceration reform in NYC and volunteer at Rikers Island, supporting youth in the juvenile system.  I don’t see my research as a silver bullet, but as a tool to elevate the stories and experiences of people who are treated without dignity. Moreover, in my experience working with grassroots organizations they rarely have the capacity to do this work, and it can be a tool in advocacy for building bridges.

I am actively looking to join projects that look to center community-driven advocacy. While I stand in my truth I find joy in elevating the voices of those who rarely are affirmed. In a past life I was “high-touch” event producer, ask around… or watch a video below.

Event Farm Experiential Tech Portfolio – Events

Event Farm Powers the TechCrunch Disrupt After Parties

New Media Party 2014 | Event Farm | White House Correspondents Dinner Weekend

Explore one old projects, read my analysis, and reach out if you want to partner or be interviewed for my podcast.


Accomplishments that have shaped my path and still guide my craft.

Honored by The Obama Administration

During my second year as a founder of Georgetown University Mentors and Tutors I had to privilege and honor of serving under The First Lady Michelle Obama’s Office. I will never let go of this moment and I will forever remember how to lead by example.

 In 2017 I joined the ranks of those who saw that public school education as their canvas and became an Education Pioneer. During my time at the NYC DOE I was able to use analytics to create support tools and win grant money.

2010 Ceremony, receiving my Citizenship Award

How it started…

I’ve been blessed to have a loving family who sheltered me best they could from a world that antagonizes the black the brilliant and the bold.

At the age of 15 I fought off 2 white men attacking a black girl in broad daylight.

A town with a deep history of white supremacy quickly saw me as the antagonist. I was received no justice in court and my teachers made it clear I was a straight-a-student-trouble-maker.

To Serve Learn and Lead

I learned at 15 what it means to be in service beyond a moment, beyond accolades, beyond self.

Inspite of how I was perceived I continued to live in my purpose.


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