VIDEO: COMMON GOOD: Mission Never Changed

The year 2020 marked the Ten-year anniversary of my time at the Global Youth Village. Ten years after spending weeks with Iraqi and American youth developing peace-building skills and cultural pluralism I was invited back to discuss how a decade of service and activism has brought to life my idea of global citizenry.

We discuss ideas of the common good globally, the global reach structural racism, and the (African) American tradition of sustainable liberation work.

2009: My reflections from my time at GYV.

2020: What I think it means to be a global citizen!

  • Minute 42: The murder of Trayvon Martin and my activation.
  • Minute 57: What we get in return when we serve from our foundation.
  • Minute 61: Pops slides into the discussion.
  • Minute 62: Dr. Hearst shout outs the importance of my question on the common good and historical systems.
  • Minute 64: Demystifying the (African) American tradition of sustained liberation work.
  • Minute 67:The American liberation journey through a global citizen framework.
  • Minute 70: Why Artifacts Matter: History and perpetual returning to a culture.
  • Minute 71: HOT TAKE!!! Juneteenth is a better holiday than the 4th of July.
  • Minute 73: What it means to me to be a global citizen

The full forum video, including my breakout group session, are linked below.

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