Poem 8.28.21 – The Willing

My great untrainable will. 
I fear your intent.
You flow like a river on high
without sign of relent.

My great unbending will.
I fatigue as your vessel.
You take, and scantly rent.
Damn you, in body and mind we wrestle.

My great inextinguishable will.
I see your flame and ask,
take me with you into the heat,
singe my chains and burn my mask.

I fear you less than
I need this addition.
I fear you less than
my fiendish need for acceptance.
I fear you,
but I despise the user
I’ve become.

Will, let me be your iron-blood container. So you’re heat may rise and know a weirder of equal metal.

Will, I am the wick and the lantern,
You be thy oil and flame, light path less traveled and let us wonder.

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