Revisiting the Gates: Anything Man Made

Background: In the fall of 2009 I finalized my Gates Millennium application, after years of preparation, writing and enlisting support for the task at hand I submitted 8 essays. These eight papers, were responses to prompts I no longer remember. Still after nearly 15 years, I’ve found myself turning back to the Gates, my essays, the people who loved me then; I’ve found myself relearning who I want(ed) to be.

God is chaos and leadership is faith.

The greatest form of leadership is service. I’ve never ceases believing that in doing good works, and submitting to a path of humble action in pursuit of grace you can move mountains, and lead with the lived experience of a mustard seed. My spiritual path may seem obvious by this post, and yet he true high note, the knowing I hope you gain from this, is that I lead like Christ, not a religion. I lead without a mandates, and I serve all in pursuit of joy.

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