Poem 3.21.22 – Early Grave

I really miss you, probably 
never visit
your grave site.

doesn't really
make much sense.

Being here
not being here doesn't

make much sense.
going there

—all of it, there.
it just make it, less.

and making a mess of myself
like it just make it,

I can still talk to you.
we haven't talked
in a decade.
doesn't seem
fair to
you, to talk to you now, since
I can't

listen? No,

I'm not why he died. But 
I feel
like part of
you're not alive.

It's because you weren't alive
in my life&
I wish, or as I wished.

I had no more room for you
while you
were here.

I always loved you, still!
I still miss you.
Wish I could have been
I hope it was——
felt good,
it didn't hurt&
like free, it felt like freedom.

I hope you
get this
message From, me.

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